There’s a “Situation” in Jersey

Photo: Star-Ledger

Picture this: you’re driving your car in Newark, NJ, minding your own business, belting that Kelly Clarkson CD from 2004, and then BAM! You see it. An almost-blow job on a billboard. ┬áToday, Gothamist did a write up on this exact experience–one that centers around a an AKOO jeans advertisement that is raising eyebrows and creating a ruckus.

The image is of a model with her tongue hanging out of her mouth while pressing her head up against a crotch, implying that somebody’s about to be gettin’ gettin’ some head. Read the full article here and decide for yourself whether it’s prudish, as Gothamist says, to find offense with the billboard or just plain sane.

So what does this billboard say about the roles of men and women? That a women aims to please–to be submissive–to be used by a man who buys AKOO jeans? Is it really seductive or just plain oppressive? Give us your thoughts.


As reported by Gothamist this afternoon, the billboard is coming down.


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