Where to Get Your Vitamins

Photo by: London Clark

What kind of supplements is Chelsea really getting, leaving the rest of us vitamin-deficient and confused? It must be the own tricks of my sexually-alert mind (I blame the media), or this Union Square billboard is insinuating that Chelsea’s getting greedy dosages of these key nutrients in the new Multi-v flavor. If additional Vitamin A, B, C, or hopefully D really is lurking somewhere between the fructose-enriched corn syrups and addictive sweetness in Vitaminwater, I’d buy one…RIGHT NOW. This ad stopped me in my tracks, induced a quick and dirty laugh, and left a smile on my face. “A PROPOSITION YOU CAN GET BEHIND,” how ballsy of Vitaminwater to market their liberal opinions in a blue state like New York. This kind of support doesn’t show its face too often. New York City (or specifically Glaceau) promotes the gays, eccentrics, and kaleidoscopic starch water. I dig this.

But then when I saw another Vitaminwater billboard on the Lower East Side, “REAL VITAMINS NOT AVAILABLE ON CANAL STREET, CHINATOWN GETS THEIR VITAMINS,” the redundant marketing technique was less sexy, and a tad puzzling.

London Clark


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