The Sexist World of Pot-Culture

The stereotypical image when you combine women and weed

The stereotypical image when you combine women and weed

“Pot-culture”, as NORML puts it, is pretty much a boy’s club. Rifle through your mind for a strong female protagonist in a stoner film. The best we get is Anna Faris in Smiley Face, and she certainly didn’t present a positive image of female tokers. The images of naked women with huge breasts covered in piles of strategically placed Marijuana are common-place in any head shop or 420 friendly web forum. The marketing departments of these businesses have it in their minds that the only demographic worth marketing to is that of males, 18-whatever.

Women have a minority place in pot culture, but hopefully that will soon start to change. Launched earlier this year, the NORML Women’s Alliance. consists of diverse, professional and well-educated women working for marijuana reform. They offer a five-point plan filled with sensible and moderate policies, but it was the last detail that caught my eye. “The NORML Women’s Alliance strongly opposes the sexual exploitation and objectification of women in pot-culture and business marketing.”

And, if the picture at the top of this post is any indicator, we ARE being objectified. Be you a Stiletto Stoner, as Marie Claire coined professionals who take the edge off with some pot, or a medical marijuana user, or merely a girl who smokes like the boys, you must step up and say something. The only way to stop sexist marketing is to let the corporate world (and yes, a corporate world exists in pot-culture)  know that we are not as small a minority as they would like to believe, and we will not be ignored.

Hopefully the legal arm of the NORML Women’s Alliance will shatter barriers, but the steps they’ll take to eradicate sexist marketing are still unclear. In the meantime, we can be vocal. Silence gets us nowhere.

–allison levin


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