A double life: student/dominatrix

Lemondrop.com recently published this article about author Melissa Febos who used to be a professional dominatrix.  Febos’ recent memoir entitled Whip Smart is about living a double life as both a college student and a ProDom for a Midtown dungeon.  Currently reporting a story on the NYC fetish scene, I’m pretty intrigued by their “10 Things You Don’t Know About My Life As A Dominatrix.” I love that she used to do her homework between sessions at the dungeon.  I can relate, as I’ve definitely finished a paper right before getting dolled up in all black and killer stilettos for a fetish party. See if you can relate to any of her confessions, and let us know what you think about massaging, spanking, and whipping for a living.

-Toni Cruthirds


2 responses to “A double life: student/dominatrix

  1. Very intriguing. So how much do they earn whipping, spanking and whatnot for a living? I’d love to see some numbers. Jessica

  2. Many of us have to live double lives…but then it adds to the spice.

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