Sex with The Natural Redhead

Photo: The L Magazine

In March alone, she wrote about unwanted boners, sex while sleeping, and the speed that ejaculate shoots out of a human wiener. You might think that The L Magazine’s sex columnist Audrey Ference is a sex fiend–a sultry ginger vixen oozing sexuality onto the sidewalks of Soho.  That’s not the case at all. (She could be sex crazed, that much I don’t know.) But I can tell you that Audrey is more than a Carrie Bradshaw cliche.  The adorable 30 year-old and self-proclaimed “nerd” met me yesterday near her day job wearing a cute knee-length skirt and pink cardigan.  Her bottled red hair was pulled back and she spoke with an embarrassed smile and a slew of hand gestures.

For the first three years of The L Magazine, Audrey was the bar reviewer.  A friend had seen an ad on Craigslist for a new publication that needed people to write for free.  Then, when she was getting burnt out by the bar scene, Audrey was approached about writing a Dear Abby for all things sex. Audrey’s response? A furrowed brow and an “I don’t know how to do that.”  Her editor came up with the column’s name “Sex with the Natural Redhead,” because ironically, Audrey is a natural brunette.  The San Antonio native and oldest child of three has been entertaining readers ever since with her ironic and opinionated yet educational voice.

What are her favorite types of questions? “The super new to sex people,” she said.  ”I just wanna say, good for you for trying to figure this out!”

-Toni Cruthirds


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