MEDIA TIPS: Submitting to Bitch Magazine

How do I Submit to Bitch Magazine?

A Writer’s Guide

What is Bitch?

A nonprofit feminist media organization. Bitch: Feminist Response to Pop Culture, is a print magazine and has developed into a multimedia source online ( The magazine and the online site are similar in their approach of feminist response, however diverse in that the website has the advantage of commenting on the most current events.

Bitch was founded in 1996 by Lisa Jervis and Andi Zeisler.  It was housed in the San Francisco Bay area for11 years, then relocated to Portland, Oregon, in 2007. They wanted to use the magazine as a way to “talk back” to dominant cultural conversations.

Who are the bloggers on

Most of the bloggers are interns, employees, and alumni of Bitch.  When a topic requires “experts,” bloggers are hired from the outside.

How is one hired to become a blogger?

Bitch “loves” hearing from potential bloggers.  They hire on 8-week long contracts, 3 blog-posts per week on any topic of the writer’s choosing. These are paid positions.

How does one propose their series/ideas for blogs?

To be considered a guest blogger, send a brief description of your topic and two sample blog entries.  You can do this on the website at: Sassy headlines get “bonus points”

What if you just want to submit one story?

Bitch does not have the economic resources for single blog posts, however you can send your ideas in the form of a blog tip.

What if I want to write for your magazine?

Bitch looks for anything that qualifies as a “feminist response to culture.” This means: movies, tv, books, music, interviews, advertising, etc. If you are a strictly nonfiction writer, send a query with clips and/or writing samples to

Features are 2,000 to 4,000 words and can be in the form of a critique, essay, or article. The best submissions are “sharp” discussions of pop culture and media, also calling to personal insight, however not personal essays. $100 per feature

The front-of-book section contains columns 1000-1500 words on movies, tv, activism and publishing.  Some example columns grappled with how “liberal” became a bad words and stereotypes about women and hoarding. $50 per column

The Love It/Shove It column is always in demand.  About 500 words on something that you saw/read that you LOVED or something that ENRAGED you. $10/20 per Love/Shove

What if I want to make a visual contribution?

Bitch is always looking for new illustrators. Payment is 100$ per feature (full page), 50$ for front-of-book (half page), and 20$ per Love/Shove (one spot) Send submissions to or mail (not originals) Bitch: Feminist Respose to Pop Culture 4930 NE 29th Avenue
Portland, OR 97211 ATTN: Briar Levit

Upcoming issue looking for new pieces, suggestions for topics below but not limited to:  Confidential (#49, Winter 2011), Pitch deadline: July 1, 2010,  Key Words: secrets, politics, scandal, shame, discovery

Lia Avellino


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