About the writers

Erika Audie is a junior at NYU studying Journalism and Cinema Studies.  She grew up in Miami, Fl and plans to stay in New York after graduating (and escape to Miami whenever its too cold).

Lia Avellino is a native New Yorker double majoring in Gender and Sexuality Studies and Journalism at New York University. She has completed her thesis on agoraphobia and is excited to enter the field of Social Work post-graduation.  Her favorite film is Harold and Maude.

Adam Ballheim is a true New Yorker by heart – though not by birth. This native Canadian loves the Lower East Side, vintage shopping in Brooklyn, window shopping on Madion Ave, faux artists (a few real artists as well), and mourns the loss of Tasti-D. Adam moved to New York four years ago to study journalism and sociology at NYU and currently looking forward to his impending unemployment.

Sydney Brownstone isn’t a fake name. It belongs to a New York-based writer, environmentalist nerd, musician and city-fueled adventure-seeker who really likes hyphens. Sydney majors in journalism and environmental studies at NYU, writes for The L Magazine and shoots video for environmental media company Leave it Better. She also likes talking about sex.

London Clark is a senior Journalism and Sociology major at NYU, who is barely ready to be tossed out into this recession with a deep passion for writing. Her personal travel blog, a pad of thoughts,  is a creative outlet for self-concocted wit and provocative narrative. She plans to die in NYC, and be buried in the jam-packed cemetery in Queens.

Danielle Cocanougher is a former Texas sweetheart that moved to NYC to study journalism and Italian at NYU. She is extremely interested in all aspects of LGBTQ culture and loves pondering modern-day sexuality and gender-identity. Also, she has come to realize she’s probably too open-minded for her own good.

Toni Cruthirds is a New York enthusiast who founded the blog City Snapshots as an outlet for her immense interest in people and places in the city.  She is an NYU senior majoring in Journalism and Anthropology who plans to shack up in Williamsburg post-graduation with her doggy, Timpleton.

Dale Davis is more of a religious studies major than a journalist, and his studies at NYU have required him to continually update his notions of sex, gender and identity.

Edward Ebbert is a Journalism and Art History major at NYU. His self-destructive habits include smoking, over-thinking, and getting naked in inappropriate places (eg. the internet).

Adrian Fussell is an American photojournalist who writes for Sexistentialism because he was told to by a couple guys having sex on the hood of an NYPD cruiser parked on Christopher Street two years back.

David Garfinkel is a San Diegan learning how to adapt to New York life.  His main studies are in music, particularly the study of West African music, and is interested in gender assumptions within and outside of the music community.

Alex Hart was going to go to grad school but then she was like, nahh.  As the third of five siblings, she suffers from a debilitating case of middle-child syndrome.  She is about to graduate from NYU, and still owes them a lot of money.

Deirdre Hering is about to graduate from NYU with a degree in art history and journalism. She’s holding out all hope that print doesn’t die because she just got a job as the assistant publisher at The L Magazine where she’s a regular arts contributor, and Brooklyn Magazine. She’s a vegan, animal rights activist, and a feminist with a strong interest in contemporary art.

allison levin is a music journalist and social media marketer with a healthy interest in sex. She is a contributing writer for JezebelMusic, and has also written for Baltimore City Paper and Tiny MixTapes. In her spare time, she DJs a radio show for WNYU.org called HIGH-CLASS & BAD-ASS, enjoys knitting, and fighting the power.

Ji Hyun Park is Seoul-born and a certified San Diegan beach bum since the age of seven. This NYU senior is in her last semester of college before being flung into the “real world,” and until then, is interning at the features department of New York Daily News. Her hobbies revolve around eating: discovering new eateries, trying out new pastry recipes, and recreating the flavors of her mom’s kitchen in her own Financial District one. If she could have any job, it’d be going on a food tour across the nation, chronicling the delicious conquests each bite of the way.

Youmi Park is a Japanese-Korean-American-former-Californian-New Yorker studying English, Journalism, and Creative Writing at NYU. She wishes to bridge various cultures and communities through her writing, and have as many excuses as possible to explore the human experience.

Jessica Seigel is a New York City writer  and NYU journalism prof of the sex and gender rabble who uses history and science to investigate cultural myths.

Jane Timm is a journalist based out of New York City. She likes to write about NYU’s expansion abroad.


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