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MEDIA TIPS: Q & A with Andi Zeisler, Founder and Editor of Bitch Magazine

What Young Writers NEED to know about Submitting to Bitch Magazine From the Editor HERSELF!!!

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MEDIA TIPS: Submitting to Bitch Magazine

How do I Submit to Bitch Magazine?

A Writer’s Guide

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Sex with The Natural Redhead

Photo: The L Magazine

In March alone, she wrote about unwanted boners, sex while sleeping, and the speed that ejaculate shoots out of a human wiener. You might think that The L Magazine’s sex columnist Audrey Ference is a sex fiend–a sultry ginger vixen oozing sexuality onto the sidewalks of Soho.  That’s not the case at all. Continue reading

Sex With the Natural Redhead

How did I just discover this great blog on The L Magazine’s Web site by Audrey Ference?! She talks about everything I want to know.  And no, that is not an overstatement!  I’m serious–number of sexual partners, BJ’s with/out condoms, and  unwanted boners.  I mean seriously, have you ever heard of circumcised men who try to regrow foreskin or have it sewn on??  Well, I hadn’t. And my current addiction is reading her column. Check back later this week for a full interview with Audrey…

-Toni Cruthirds


Photo: DaveBleasdale

In our Sex and Gender reporting class a few weeks ago, our professor gave us the advice to dress for success in the workplace.  Don’t be sloppy.  Put yourself together. I was reminded of this lesson when I read that today’s Idea of the Day on is along the same vein, except it emphasizes fashion in every aspect of life, not just on the job.  Having recently hopped into the career world, I do agree that clothes are extremely important.  I have been judging people in the office left and right based on their appearance.  (Feel free to judge me for that.)  In New York, it’s tough not to feel a little pressure to look beautiful 24/7, as super-models and their emaciated wannabe’s are among us, trekking down the sidewalk just like JoSchmo and his messy-haired girlfriend.  And the Times is reinforcing this sentiment.  I have to say, though, that at 7:30 am when I fall out of bed to walk my dog in my glasses and slippers, I’m not on the prowl to impress the garbage man, my mut, or even that early-bird sexy next-door neighbor.  Yeah, “our clothes are our identity”–but is that really possible ALL THE TIME? Throw me a bone here (I’ll give it to my dog), and take off some of the immense pressure that comes from every direction in life.  You don’t have to look beautiful all the time.  As long as you know not to bring it to the office, we’re all allowed a day in baggy pants and a sweatshirt.  Clothes don’t make the person. They make a persona.

– Toni Cruthirds

Sexistentialiste Hits the Internet

Sexistentialiste is the blog for NYU’s undergraduate Advanced Reporting course on sex and gender.  The course is about writing with magazine flair matched with old-fashioned reporting on cutting-edge topics relating to sex, male and female, queer, straight, crooked and bent.  Sexistentialistes have reported on porn stars, swingers clubs, STI’s, going bare, fashion models,  teen pregnancy, eating disorders, rentboys, burlesque,  motorcycle mamas, bears, “tramp stamp” tattoos, straight boy kissing, female rappers, and much more. So stay tuned….