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Is Waxing Anti-Feminist?

First, I must preface this post by stating (okay fine, confessing), that I am addicted to hair removal. I pretty much do it all — I shave, I Nair, I thread, I wax and most recently, I laser — so questioning the feminist dilemmas behind hair removal is a big deal for me. And kind of a bad idea, because in the end I will have to choose between being hairy or a hypocrite. But here it goes anyways. Continue reading


Another “Situation” in Jersey– Saucy Snow Woman Cover Up

NY Daily News -- Courtesy of Gonzalez family

The real fashion police put the wraps on another Jersey “situation” by ordering a local woman  to cover up her naked snow woman modeled after the Venus De Milo. The Jersey resident cheerfully complied, dressing her ice queen in a green string bikini top and blue sarong. We love the Snooky style resort wear  — perfect clashing colors for Jersey. New York Daily News readers agree the law needs a reality check,  voting by a strong majority that this cover-up is totally flaky. In the end, it was all so  tragic. The snow woman melted. The Ice Man did not Cometh.  — By Jessica Seigel